Why should I hire an experienced professional for my newborn session?

Safety, safety, safety! It’s something I take very seriously. You may have noticed there are a lot of options out there for photographers. I can’t stress enough how important it is to choose someone who is trained and experienced to handle your tiny new bundle. Knowing how to safely pose a baby takes time, training and hands on experience. A trained newborn photographer will not risk your babies safety in order to get a shot.

Professional photographers will know exactly how to capture the very best images using proper lighting, exposure, focus and composition. They can then enhance them with a professional photo-editing software. Post-production of your images requires quite a bit of editing time in order to achieve the finished image you often see. Editing images requires skill and knowledge of the software tools used to make color corrections, remove baby acne, remove stains from those inevitable accidents and so on.

You’ll only get one shot at newborn photos with your baby, please make sure you choose someone who will not disappoint you. Are there cheaper photographers than me? Absolutely. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Please make sure your photographer handles your baby safely, no matter who you choose.

When should I book my newborn session?

It’s never too early! Newborn sessions fill up far in advance and because we rarely know the exact date that your little one will arrive, I keep the sessions I book limited so we can be sure to fit them all in! As soon as you know your due date, contact me. I simply mark that date down and you’re set! We will schedule the shoot once your little one is born. It’s best to photograph them before they are 3 weeks old. If your son is getting circumcised, we will wait at least 5 days after the procedure to allow plenty of time for healing. Newborn sessions are usually done on weekday mornings. Please let me know if you will need a weekend at the time of booking. Due to the unpredictable nature of babies actual birthday, weekends cannot be guaranteed.

Can my newborns siblings be in the pictures? 

Of course. We will do sibling shots at the beginning. This entirely depends on how well the sibling and baby both do. Younger siblings tend to not want to sit still for pictures but we will try our best. Just understand that the focus of this shoot is the newborn and if I think that it’s just not going to happen I will let you know that we should move on in order to allow enough time for the baby as well as to not upset the baby.

Do you provide the props?

I have a lot of hats and headbands for newborns and babies under one as well as all of the blankets and baskets we’ll need. If you have anything you would like to bring along to the shoot please feel free and I will do my best to get it in the pictures. If you’ve seen a set up of mine or an outfit/hat/headband that you specifically want in your photos please let me know ahead of time so that I can have it prepared.

What if someone is sick for our scheduled session?

If our session is in the indoor studio and your baby or someone who is coming along is sick, it is VERY important that you reschedule your session. I take a lot of effort to keep the studio a germ free space for our newest little babies that will be coming to the studio and it’s very important to keep it that way for their health and safety. It’s also very time consuming to photoshop boogies off of faces and for the sake of wanting a happy, smiley baby…its best to wait until everyone is healthy. Same goes for me. If I am sick, I will reschedule our session so as to not get your baby sick. If we are outdoors, please consider rescheduling if your baby is very congested (snotty) and not their typical happy self so that we can have the best images and representation of them as possible.

Do you have a studio or will you come to my home? 

I photograph newborns and babies under 1 in my home photography studio. I prefer to only shoot in my home studio because of the large amount of props I use as well as studio lighting. I never know what I may find when traveling to clients homes and it’s sometimes not the right lighting conditions.

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